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Create Your LLC Operating Agreement Checklist

1. Decide a name for your LLC
2. Principal Office
3. Registered Agent/Office
4. Initial members
5. Decide the ownership interests of each member
6. Decide the amount of capital each member will contribute.
7. Will any members be granted an interest solely for the performance of services?

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• Every limited liability company (“LLC”) should have an LLC Operating Agreement.
• The LLC Operating Agreement is the core document that is referred to when issues concerning the LLC need to be resolved.
• The LLC Operating Agreement is the most important document for your LLC.
• The LLC Operating Agreement reflects the agreement among the members with respect to the affairs and management of the LLC, essentially governing the relationship among the members of the LLC.
• It describes the business and economic arrangement of the members.
• The LLC Operating Agreement does not have to be filed with any state agency.
• All states will enforce valid Operating Agreements entered into among LLC members.

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• By having an LLC Operating Agreement, the members will be provided with a clear set of rules that all members have agreed upon, greatly reducing the likelihood of disagreements between members in the future.
• Without the formality of an agreement, the basic operation of the LLC would be governed by state law, which may not be advantageous to the LLC, it members, or the business it conducts.
• Without an operating agreement, the owners will be poorly-equipped to settle misunderstandings over the operations, finances, and management of the LLC.
• Without the formality of an agreement, a single member LLC can closely resemble a sole proprietorship, which does not limit your personal liability for business debts of the LLC.

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• It is extremely important to get a well drafted Operating Agreement immediately upon forming your LLC.

• You may get an Operating Agreement prior to forming your LLC. In fact, attorneys suggest that owners agree on the business terms of their deal and draft and Operating Agreement prior to spending money on forming an LLC.

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• The Operating Agreement should describe the business and economic arrangement of the members.

• In drafting a LLC Operating Agreement, the following general goals should be kept in mind:

   •The Operating   Agreement should   instruct owners   concerning the   operating and  management of the   LLC.

  •The Operating   Agreement should   address and  resolve all issues   concerning the   members (legal,   tax, and other).

  •The Operating   Agreement should   be customized to   the business and   owners.

  •The Operating   Agreement should   comply with all   federal income tax   laws and be   consistent with the   Articles of   Organization and   with mandatory   state statutory   rules

  •The Operating   Agreement should   be clear, use clear   language and   should be   understood by all  the members

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